Osteopath Bergerac

  Osteopath Bergerac Nicolas Cailleux, osteopath bergerac receives regularly patients …


Osteopath Bergerac

Nicolas Cailleux, osteopath bergeracosteopath bergerac receives regularly patients only speaking English.

Time slots are reserved every day to be able to receive you as a matter of urgency.

If these crenels(niches) are not available any more and than the deadline(extension) of wait(expectation) before the proposed meeting(appointment) is too long, thank you for indicating to the secretarial department(secretariat osteopath bergerac) the urgent character, we shall contact again you to receive you as soon as possible.

Phone number: 0033 553 583 869

Nicolas Cailleux, Osteopath Bergerac
18 rue de la Roque
ZA La Roque
24100 Bergerac Creysse

More and more patients call on to the osteopathy, the number of consultations in osteopathy considerably increased these last twenty years This not conventional medicine possesses a panel of techniques which allows him to address all the ages of the life. It can be the solution to numerous disorders of the painful health or not.
The general public knows the benefactions of the osteopathy during a back pain, however there are numerous indications less well known such as the digestive disorders, the headaches, the chronic tendinitis …

The osteopath Bergerac has a thorough knowledge of the anatomy, the physiology and the pathology.
He acts on:

  • the joints(articulations), the muscles and the tendons.
  • the digestive system and the various organs.
  • the nervous and vascular system.
  • the after effects of trauma.

Here are some examples of frequent motives for consultation at the adult:

  • during a Lumbago or during a Stiff neck
  • in case of Back pain, Lumbago chronicles, cervico-dorsal Pain or dorso-lumbar vertebra, Fibromyalgia
  • at the time of a crisis of Sciatica, Cruralgie, cervicobrachial Neuralgia
  • in case of Headaches, Headaches, Migraines, Sinusitis column(chronicle)
  • certain forms of Dizzinesses and Acouphènes
  • During digestive disorders such as of the Constipation, gastric Acidity
  • in case of painful Rules(Rulers)
  • following one Sprains, tendinitis, Fall, Shock, Accident of the public highway – during Stress, disorders of the Concentration, Anxiety, Sleeping disorders